Aligned List of Acronyms

A nice way in LaTeX to produce and manage list of acronyms is the acronym package.
It provides several commands for using acronyms somewhat comparable to bib entries and an environment for producing a list of acronyms.

Per default, this list is not aligned, e. g. the full names of the acronyms start at different positions. It would be more “beautiful” to have an aligned list. This can be achieved by passing the name of the longest acronym as optional parameter.
A minimal example:

%create list of acronyms
\acro{MVVLA}{My Very Very Long Ancronym}

Update: As a realized, the parameter you pass to the acronym environment needs to be one letter longer than your longest acronym. Otherwise, this acronym is not correctly aligned. So, attach one blank space or any other letter to the example above.