Guest Lecturer at BTH

For two days now, I am visiting the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Karlskrona, Sweden. More specifically, I am visting the Software Engineering Research Lab (SERL) headed by Professor Claes Wohlin. Below you can see a picture of the university building (located directly at the sea) which I am currently sitting in.

My stay here will take four weeks and is part of an Erasmus teaching exchange. This means the main purpose of my stay is to be involved in the teaching at BTH where I will provide several guest lectures on Java programming and service-oriented computing in the upcoming weeks. Additionally, I get to know the SERL group and will be involved in group meetings, get to see theses defenses, and above all I get to meet brilliant and interesting people and talk to them about their projects. They even assigned me a separate office in the groups’ corridor, complete with a height-adjustable table. I am looking forward to an interesting time here!

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