The ub-beamer Template

About a year ago, I wrote a custom beamer template to mimic the style of the slides we currently use in our group. I wrote three blog posts that outlined the changes to the default beamer template this required, see here, here, and here. When I recently had another look at the code, it came to my mind that this might perhaps be useful to somebody else. So, I refactored the whole thing a little bit and build a style file that can be included in a beamer presentation just as any other package with usepackage{}.

And here it is: The ub-beamer template, freely available at github. To use it, download the files from github and include them in your LaTeX project. The documentation page at github also contains a minimal example:


%Meta information
\title{Template for a Beamer Presentation using the University of Bamberg Corporate Design}
\author{J\"org Lenhard}
\institute{Distributed Systems Group - WIAI - University of Bamberg}

%The content of the slides


\begin{frame}{Title of the slide}
This is a template for a University of Bamberg presentation with beamer


For instance, the second slide produced by the above code looks like this:

Options and Marcos

The template provides several options for modifying it and comes with auxiliary macros. You can change the logo displayed at the upper right corner with something different by redefining a variable:

\def \grouplogofile {images/example-group-logo.pdf}

Furthermore, there are color definitions that conform to the corporate color scheme of the University of Bamberg. You can reference these colors in your presentation by their name. These are:


Finally, the template also provides a few macros for highlighting text using these colors (listed on the project page).

If you are interested, please have a look at the project page. Feel free to contribute if you want to, I welcome pull requests.