Two papers accepted at SOCA’12

I am glad to announce that two papers I am co-author of have been accepted at the 5th IEEE International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing and Applications (SOCA). The conference takes place at the National Taiwan University in Taipei on December, 17 – 19. Together with two of my colleagues, Simon Harrer and Stefan Kolb, both of whom co-authered one of the papers, I will attend the conference and hopefully get valuable feedback to our papers, as well as see interesting talks from the other participants.

The first paper titled BPEL Conformance in Open Source Engines introduces the tool betsy to the scientific community and outlines comprehensive results we have gathered using it. Betsy analyzes the standard conformance of BPEL engines and so far we have used it to benchmark five open source engines. The results show that the BPEL specification is still not sufficiently implemented in practice and portability of process definitions among engines is hard to achieve. The betsy tool and the results we present at SOCA’12 are available on github. As of today, we have already been contacted by core contributers of three of the five engines and all were genuinely interested in the tool and the test cases. For that reason, I am inclined to count this project as a success. Both, Simon and I, are continuing to actively develop betsy and we also work on projects that build on it.

The second paper, Bridging the Heterogenity of Orchestrations – A Petri Net-based Integration of BPEL and Windows Workflow, is the outcome of Stefan’s master thesis (which I supervised). In the paper we look at adapter synthesis for stateful services using open workflow nets (oWFN), a specialized type of Petri nets. In particular, we try to synthesize adapter services for existing services built in two different languages, BPEL and Windows Workflow. To achieve this, the existing services have to be translated into an oWFN representation. A compiler for BPEL is already in place and we supplemented it with one for WF which is available on github. The synthesis is again based on an existing tool from, marlene. Altogether, we evaluate the tools in a use case taken from the UBL 2.1 specification.

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