bpel-g 5.3 released

I would like to draw attention to the bpel-g 5.3 release version that is available for download since December 25, 2012. This version comes with some major improvements, such as:

  • Replacing the Axis stack with CXF
  • Including Esper’s complex event processing engine
  • Better integration with Apache Camel
  • Quite some bugfixes

We have already benchmarked the engine with betsy, so I can confirm the last point. Bpel-g is now among the best ranking engines out there, and shares the first place in BPEL support together with ActiveBPEL. In combination with the integration with other useful libraries (especially CXF and Camel), I think bpel-g really is a good engine to use today. If you are looking for a simple tutorial on how to use it, you can find that here.