SOCA once more: Paper accepted at SOCA’2013

After having inspiring discussions and receiving valuable feedback at last year’s SOCA in Taipei, I decided to submit again to this year’s SOCA, the 6th IEEE International Conference on Service Oriented Computing and Applications, and I am happy to announce that my paper got accepted. This SOCA will take place from December, 16 to 18, at quite a nice location: Kauai, Hawaii, USA.

Fig.1: Measurement Framework for Installability
Fig.1: Measurement Framework for Installability

As opposed to last year, this time I will be the only one from my group attending the conference, but the paper is written with the help of my colleague Simon Harrer, who will be busy at ICSOC’13 in Berlin shortly in advance to SOCA. The paper I present is titled “Measuring the Installability of Service Orchestrations Using the SQuaRE Method” and is one step further in my PhD project that addresses the construction of a measurement framework for the portability of service-oriented processes. A preprint version of the paper can be found here. It adds directly to my contribution to EDOC’13, where I presented a set of metrics for quantifying direct portability of process code. The ISO/IEC 25010 quality model, upon which I base my work, lists several further sub-characteristics of portability and one of these sub-characteristics is installability, hence the topic of the SOCA paper. I propose a set of metrics for measuring the installability of service orchestrations, which subdivides into the installability of the server environment and the deployability of the orchestrations. Figure 1 briefly outlines the framework and the metrics related to the quality characteristics. I don’t want to discuss them in detail here, but you can find everything in the paper. I validate the metrics theoretically with two validation frameworks and evaluate it practically by computing the metrics for a representative amount of server environments and processes. When it comes to the server environments, our betsy tool has once more been of much help. The metrics computation is automated to the furthest extend possible and the tool to perform it is also open source and currently located here. My long-term aim is to capture all metrics of the complete framework I work on in a single tool, but since it’s still some way from completeness, I currently host it at my personal github profile. That will change once the tooling becomes more comprehensive.

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