Best Presentation Award at ZEUS 2014

Almost two weeks after the Central European Workshop on Services and their Composition (ZEUS) 2014 took place at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, I finally have the time to write a short report. First of all, the workshop was organized very well and I want to extend my gratitude to the local organisers Nico Herzberg and Matthias Kunze for all the effort they put into making Zeus 2014 a nice experience. I especially liked the startup, where the participants were put in groups to complete the marshmallow challenge, to construct a free-standing structure out of 20 spaghettis, one meter of string, one meter of tape and a marshmallow on top. My group didn’t build the highest structure, but we learned a nice lesson on design.

As expected, Zeus hosted two days of interesting presentations. The keynote by Prof. Dr. Ulf Leser from the Humboldt University Berlin on the difference between business and scientific workflows gave intriguing insights on the nature of scientific workflows for me. Furthermore, Zeus has been a valuable opportunity to discuss my recent work and I got very useful feedback and advise on how to improve and extend it. If you are a PhD student working in services science or process-aware information systems, I can only recommend to participate in Zeus. The feedback you will get here tends to be better and more constructive than what I have seen at some conferences.

The organizers also introduced a very nice way of assigning the best presentation award. Instead of deciding on the winner in a small subcommittee, they handed out evaluation notes to every participant for every presentation, except her own. All workshop participants then judged the presentation in terms of timing, explanation, clarity and slides with a five-star rating. To my surprise, my presentation got the best average rating (of 4.16, if I remember that correctly), so I was awarded the Best Presentation Award.

Finally, here’s a group picture with all the workshop participants and I am looking forward to Zeus 2015, which will be hosted in Jena this time.

Zeus 2014 group picture
Zeus 2014 group picture