ZEUS 2016 and JabCon in Vienna

The website for the ZEUS 2016 workshop is up and running! Its 8th edition takes this superb workshop out of Germany and into the capital of Austria. The Distributed Systems Group at  TU Wien hosts this revision, with Stefan Schulte and Christoph Hochreiner coordinating the local organization. The workshop takes place on January 27/28, 2016.

Böcklsaal of TU Wien, the location of ZEUS 2016
Böcklsaal of TU Wien, the location of ZEUS 2016

Being a participant of the workshop for several years now, I can only recommend it to my peers, especially to PhD students in early stages of their work. Participation in the workshop is free of charge and there are no publication costs. The only costs incurring are travel expenses and accomodation in Vienna. This makes the workshop a very cheap opportunity to get high quality feedback and reviews for one’s work. Different paper types apart from classical workshop papers, being position papers and tool demonstrations, are welcome. This way, you can discuss early work and practical prototypes, thus getting feedback before attempting to submit to a conference or journal.

Networking is another major benefit of ZEUS. PhD students and Postdocs from several central european groups are regular participants. Just have a look at prior editions of the workshop to get a grasp of who you are likely to meet. You can easily get in contact with these people, initiate a cooperation, and establish your own network.

If I got you interested, have a look at the CfP for ZEUS 2016. The submission deadline is December 04, 2015. The workshop covers a large array of topics in the area of distributed systems, services computing, and cloud computing. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Aspects around the service lifecycle (analysis, specification, modelling, testing, deployment, execution, monitoring)
  • Patterns, languages, reference models, and model extensions
  • Multi-view and multi-perspective engineering (SOA, choreographies, collaborations, conversations, artifact-centric systems)
  • Formal methods, models, simulation, and verification
  • System architectures
  • RESTful systems (design aspects, hypermedia, linked data, mashups, other protocols, …)
  • Microservices (architecture, lifecycle, deployment)
  • Workflows and business processes
  • Complex event processing (correlation, aggregation, transformation, monitoring, extraction)
  • Security, compliance, and non-functional requirements and properties
  • Cloud-enabled applications, migration to/from the Cloud, big data
  • Applications, frameworks, methods, tool demonstrations, and case studies

JabCon co-located with ZEUS 2016

IJabRef logon addition to the workshop, JabCon will take place on January 25/26 prior to ZEUS in the same location. This conference is intended for the users and developers of the JabRef bibliography manager.

The conference features hacking sessions, in which we demonstrate how to contribute to JabRef and collectively improve the tool, and talks, which present tools and technologies important to JabRef (such as JavaFX). Moreover, we will discuss the future direction of JabRef.

Anyone is invited to join and participation is free of charge!