Public Talk at Meet a Researcher

On May 16th, 2017, I will be giving a public research talk as part of the lecture series “Möt en forskare” (in English: Meet a researcher) at Karlstad University. As indicated, the talk is open for the public so I would like to invite anyone who is interested to join! The talk will take place from 12:00 to 12:45 in the learning lab on floor 3 of the university library, called studieverkstaden. Here is the link to the calendar page.

Möt en forskare lecture series at Karlstad University

My talk will, unsurprisingly, be about research in software engineering. Although that might sound rather technical, I’ll try to align with the purpose of the lecture series: to give people with no background knowledge whatsoever insights into what researchers are doing. So, I will stay clear of technicalities and talk at a more abstract and philosophical level. I have no intention of regurgitating a research paper presentation, but will give a very rough overview of what we are working on in my group.

Topic-wise, the talk will be about one of the meeting points between the fields of software engineering and biology: software evolution. I will describe how and why we software engineering researchers apply the term evolution and related biological concepts when talking about the phenomenon of change in software. Furthermore, I’ll highlight what we hope to gain this way and what we are trying to find in our software evolution-related research.

I hope this got you interested and if you have the time to join, I would be happy to see your face on May 16th!