Talk on Evolving Software and Source Code Quality Metrics at Linnaeus

In roughly one week, on November 30, I will be giving a talk on evolving software and source code quality metrics at the faculty of technology of Linnaeus University in Växjö. I’ve been invited for this very nice opportunity by members of the Software Technology Labs group, whom I met at a conference two months ago. Thanks, Tobias and Anna!

The talk is on the overarching topic of my research as a whole and dives into two specific streams of research that I work on, software portability and software architecture erosion. Here’s the abstract:

Software that is being maintained and developed for an extended period of time often faces a degradation in terms of its structure and quality. This degradation is undesirable and software quality measurement using source code metrics offers an avenue to combat it. The talk looks at two separate quality dimensions that relate to software evolution and degradation: software portability (as a necessary property to cope with changing runtime environments during evolution) and software architecture erosion (one of the primary symptoms of degrading quality). We present selected empirical research results in these areas. First, we discuss findings regarding the portability of standards-based (BPMN, BPEL) software and how portability can be evaluated and measured. Second, we present work on the relationship between structural source code metrics and architectural inconsistencies, focusing on how metrics can be used to identify architectural problems in code.

The nice part about the date of the talk is that I’ll also be able to attend the 3rd Annual Big Data Conference at Linnaeus University that takes place the following day.

I am looking forward to an interesting stay in Växjö!