Curriculum Vitae

Software Developer

I am currently working as a software developer at SAP SE in the SAP HANA Platform Core team in Berlin, Germany.

April 2018 – now

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

I spent two years as a a member of the Software Engineering Research Group at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of Karlstad University, Sweden, as a postdoctoral research fellow. You can visit my University homepage here. I worked as part of the excellence environment initiative of Karlstad University and participated in the Nordic Digital Health Center (NDHC) project and the DigitalWell project.

The research focus of my group was on the preservation of quality in evolving and long-running software systems. In this context, I continued my work on software portability and workflow engine benchmarking. Moreover, we jointly pursued research regarding the quality of software architectures and architecture erosion. In this area, I was investigating the relationship between classical source code metrics and architectural violations, trying to see if it is possible to use the first to predict the latter. Last but not least, I was looking into software design patterns for privacy in cooperation with the Privacy and Security Group at the department.

May 2016 – April 2018

Graduation, Dr. rer. nat.

I defended my thesis titled Portability of Process-Aware and Service-Oriented Software: Evidence and Metrics and graduated as a Dr. rer. nat. with summa cum laude.

January 2016

Researcher and Teaching Assistant

I spent five years as a Ph.D. student and teaching assistant at the Distributed Systems Group of the University of Bamberg, headed by Guido Wirtz.

During this time, I pursued my Ph.D. studies that concentrate on metrics and measurement in the area of process-aware and service-oriented systems. My focus lay on measuring the portability of service-oriented and process-aware applications. To this end, I am developing a sophisticated standard conformance benchmarking tool for process engines that implement BPEL or BPMN, called betsy. Moreover, I am building a metrics suite for programs in these languages, called prope.

My position also involved significant amounts of teaching. I newly developed two Bachelor level courses on Advanced Java Programming and Programming of Complex Interacting Systems. Moreover, I was involved in teaching a variety of further courses and seminars and supervised Bachelor and Master theses.

  April 2011 – April 2016

Guest Lecturer

For a period of one month, I was visiting the Software Engineering Research Lab, headed by Claes Wohlin, at the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Karlskrona, Sweden.

During this time, I participated in group life and meetings. Furthermore, I gave guest lectures on distributed computing and services computing for several courses at the institute. The exchange was funded by the ERASMUS program for teacher mobility (STA1).

  September /  October 2012

Graduation, M.Sc.

I graduated with distinction as a Master of Science in Information Systems at the University of Bamberg. My thesis topic was A Pattern-based Analysis of WS-BPEL and Windows Workflow.

  March 2011

Master Studies

My master studies in Information Systems at the University of Bamberg focused heavily on computer science, distributed systems, and software engineering.

During my studies, I was employed as a student assistant and participated in a research project at the Distributed Systems Group. Moreover, I worked as a student tutor for the courses “Introduction to Algorithms, Programming, and Software”, “Introduction to Computer Science”, “Java Practical”, and “Software Engineering”.

  April 2009 – March  2011

Graduation, B.Sc.

I graduated as Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from the University of Bamberg. My thesis topic was Anonymous access to public services in the Internet – Analysis of Tor Hidden Services in low bandwidth networks.

 March 2009

Term Abroad

In the course of my bachelor studies, I spent one term at the University of Skövde in Sweden. During this time, I aquired profound skills in the Swedish language and took several courses in artifical intelligence, .NET programming, and Perl programming.

August 2007 – January 2008

Bachelor Studies

The focus of my bachelor studies lay on computer science, programming, and software architecture and design.

I worked as a student tutor in various different areas. I was involved in teaching and performed support tasks at different chairs and at the student counselling. The subject areas I worked at were focused on classic computer science, but extended to more applied subjects, such as media informatics, business informatics, and also accounting. I was involved in teaching the courses “Introduction to Computer Science”, “Java Practical”, Algorithms and Data Structures”, and “Basics of Information Systems”. Moreover, I was employed as a student assistant at the chair of Psychology III of the University of Würzburg and performed programming tasks in the context of a research project.

During my studies, I worked as a software developer at Psychometrica, a small business that develops educational software and software for psychological tests. I was responsible for a variety of tasks, including graphics, network, and database programming.

 April 2009 – March  2011

High School, Abitur

I attended high school at the Franken-Landschulheim Schloss Gaibach Aussenstelle Gerolzhofen and the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gynmasium Schweinfurt.

My high school specialization was on modern languages, including English, French, and (paradoxically) Latin. For my final degree I focused on social sciences, history, and English..

 July 2005

Language Skills

Language Level CEFR
German Native speaker
English Mastery C2 (self-assessement)
Swedish Intermediate B2 (SFI test)
French Elementary A2 (self-assessement)
Latin Advanced proficiency certificate