Privacy Policy

I (Joerg Lenhard) do not collect or process personal data of visitors on this website. As of May 22nd, 2018, I have disabled all contribution and commenting functions that are under my control. Thus, people cannot leave their data, even if they wanted.

For historic reasons, comments that were made before that date are left as is. Although commenting was possible in an anonymized fashion, some people decided to leave their name, email adress, or website URL. This data is stored indefinitely, but I will delete any comments upon request.

If you decide to contact me by email with regards to this website, then I will store this email for the purpose of replying to you. I will store the conversation indefinitely, so that I can recall the context when you write me again. I will delete my communication with you upon request.

However, (the organization hosting this site) is automatically collecting statistical information about site visitors and displays ads on this site. Their data gathering and processing is governed by their privacy policy. See also their announcement on their privacy policy and their privacy policy FAQ. For any questions regarding what data they gather, why they do it, and your personal rights regarding this data, please refer to the above links and