Beta-Release of Java by Comparison

I am very happy to announce the beta release of my newest book titled “Java by Comparison” that I am writing together with Simon Harrer and Linus Dietz. A beta release is something that might sound strange for a book, but it is a regular event for almost every book published at The Pragmatic Programmers, … More Beta-Release of Java by Comparison

JabRef 3.0 Released

As a relatively new member of the contributor team of the JabRef bibliography manager, I am proud to announce the release of JabRef 3.0. The release really is a major step for this well-known open source tool, with almost 1500 commits since the previous version 2.11. I’d like to highlight a few aspects about it … More JabRef 3.0 Released

Portability metrics with prope

My dissertation project centers around portability metrics for process-oriented software. I propose metrics and evaluate them by analyzing real-world process models. To perform these analyses, I implement the metrics in a metrics suite and recently I merged my efforts of the last years into a shining new project, the PROcess-aware information systems Portability mEtrics suite, … More Portability metrics with prope