The ub-beamer Template

About a year ago, I wrote a custom beamer template to mimic the style of the slides we currently use in our group. I wrote three blog posts that outlined the changes to the default beamer template this required, see here, here, and here. When I recently had another look at the code, it came … More The ub-beamer Template


The (anonymous) reviewer of a paper I am working on at the moment pointed me to this tool called Nitpicker, written by Niels Lohmann. Its subtitle describes it as “an overly picky language style checker” and after using it this morning to check the style of the aforementioned paper I would add “that is absolutely … More Nitpicker

TeXlipse and SumatraPDF

For several years now, I have been using TeXnicCenter for editing my LaTeX files and most of the time Sumatra PDF for viewing them. The big benefit of Sumatra PDF is its excellent support for forward and inverse search. Double-clicking a line in TeXnicCenter highlights the according line in Sumatra PDF (forward search) and double-clicking … More TeXlipse and SumatraPDF