Should you use TeXnicCenter or TeXlipse?

While being a TeXnicCenter user for years, I recently switched to TeXlipse for writing my LaTeX documents. In this article, I will discuss pros and cons of both environments from my point of view and motivate my decision for TeXlipse. I am comparing TeXlipse 1.5 with Eclipse Indigo and TeXnicCenter 1.0 RC. Why you should … More Should you use TeXnicCenter or TeXlipse?

TeXlipse and SumatraPDF

For several years now, I have been using TeXnicCenter for editing my LaTeX files and most of the time Sumatra PDF for viewing them. The big benefit of Sumatra PDF is its excellent support for forward and inverse search. Double-clicking a line in TeXnicCenter highlights the according line in Sumatra PDF (forward search) and double-clicking … More TeXlipse and SumatraPDF